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Spotter's Network Program

You are invited to join the growing team of "Spotters" who are part of Yukon's Spotter's Network. Volunteers around the territory are actively helping to report and track priority invasive species—and you can too!

The Yukon Invasive Species Council (YISC) is organizing training workshops in Whitehorse and in Yukon communities in the near future. These workshops will inform you about the invasive species affecting the Yukon and how you can help respond by simply becoming a "Spotter".

Spotter's Network Workshops

The Spotter's Network aim is to increase the number of informed "Spotters", that can be on alert for encroaching invasive species. Information reported by Yukon Spotters will be collected for an ecological database.

Spotter's Network Workshops are FREE 2 hour sessions designed to enable anyone to learn about local invasive species.
Workshop training is facilitated by a botanist or knowledgeable YISC board member. Training includes: identification, management, and reporting of invasive species. Participants will receive a field manual.

Send YISC an email so we can be in touch with you and update you on training options.

The Spotter's Network program is an initiative of the Yukon Invasive Species Council (YISC) as part of the three year (2012-2015) federal ECOAction Community Funding Program. The Spotter's Network focuses on community-based environmental stewardship simultaneously increasing awareness and understanding in early detection and control of invasive species.

Invasive plants move in on new habitats where they never existed before. They threaten biodiversity by displacing native plants and animals. Overview Yukon Invasives
Learn to identify invasive plants. Learn about the invasive species that may be found in your area. High Priority Species

Map Data Link:
The data on non-native plants species in the Yukon is currently hosted by AKEPIC. Look for the link Map Data.

Thank you to the following funding partners for their support of the Spotter's Network:




Creeping Thistle (A.Altherr)


Perennial Sow Thistle (A.Schmid)